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Getting started

Moments consists of a small, static JavaScript agent and SDK that can be deployed site-wide on your website and used to trigger rule-based pop-ups or embedded experiences. Rules can match URLs, check visitor attributes and segments, and factor-in idle time or other behavioral criteria.

Install the agent


If you are not experienced with code or do not have access to your website code, you may need to enlist the assistance of a developer for this step.

  1. In the Wyng dashboard, find your brand property ID.


    When logged in, go to Experiences > Manage, and the brand property ID is the number you will see in the URL, e.g.**123456**/manage/

  2. Copy and paste the code snippet below into your website. Substitute your brand property ID where you see the example number 123456 in the code snippet.

<script src="" data-brand-id="123456"/>
  • Place the <script> code snippet in the <head> of your web page's HTML output.

Add, update, and publish activations

Once the agent has been installed, you're ready to add new activations. Visit Activations in your Wyng dashboard to get started. If you do not see the Activations option in Wyng, ask your account manager or Wyng support to provide you with access.

Test activations

Each activation can have live and test configurations. The agent can be put into test mode by adding a URL parameter, wmax_test_mode=true. In test mode, only the test configurations of any activations will be active. Production configurations will be disabled. An example of the final URL is: