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Custom Metrics Events

Dispatch a custom event that will appear in the Clicks section of the metrics page.



dispatchCampaignAction accepts a single paramter, an object containing the following:

subtypestring - requiredThe name of your eventRegister button clicked, Purchase
qualifierstringAn optional additional grouping option for the subtypeFooter, Face Cream
quantitynumberAn optional number. e.g. a purchase price100, 24.99


subtype: 'Register Button Clicked',

Displaying events

Your custom events will be displayed on the Metrics page of your Wyng Property, under the Clicks card.

The Custom Events data table has 4 columns: Subtype, Qualifier, Count and Quantity.

  • Count will show the number of events with a given Subtype and Qualifier.
  • Quantity sums up the Quantities of all events with the given Subtype and Qualifier.
SubtypeQualifierCountQuantity (sum)
Register button clickedfooter240
Register button clickedheader196
PurchaseFace Cream76987.24
Register button clickedform 253